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Potential social

Stryków Municipality stands for a huge social potential. Passion and commitment of inhabitants of the municipality is being transposed to functioning of various sport clubs, associations, country women associations, volunteer fire brigades as well as dancing and singing groups. Sport clubs during the times of their activity have risen many excellent sportsmen and sportswomen who can stay in glory of their national and worldwide successes. The existing country women associations maintain Polish tradition by cultivating folk habits and ceremonies.



Sport in the Municipality of Stryków

Municipality of Strykow makes investments in sporting facilities, which stay open for dwellers and guests. The municipality has opened newly made complex of sports fields with athletic track in Bratoszewice and one of the most beautiful facilities in the country, built within the framework of a program “My Sports Field - Orlik 2012”, in Stryków. Enthusiasts of horses can find in a village of Smolice a boarding house and a horse riding facility Jantar, which contains an indoor riding school and a paddock. For a perfect place to relax and have a moment of rest there is considered a diverse lodging and gastronomic base, which will satisfy taste of every guest.

Outdoor events

Municipality of Stryków can be proud of its rich offer of outdoor events.
Enthusiasts of motorcycle sports can find something for themselves. In Stryków there is the only in the voivodeship motocross track. Every year, a round of Motocross Championships of Poland takes place. The beginning of motocross in Stryków starts in 1986 when the track was built next to a reservoir and the first competition was organized. Two years later, a motocross section was appointed within Town Sport Club “Zjednoczeni” Stryków. During the following years, a new track next to Warszawska Street was built where the championships have been taking place each year. The track is being considered as one of the three best tracks in Poland. It is 1710 meters long and filled with 14 obstacles. On the biggest ones competitors rise up to more than 10 meters. About 100 competitors participate in the competition, including the leading ones from Polish clubs and Ukraine, Latvia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Sweden and Spain.

Tourism in the Municipality of Stryków

Stryków Municipality can be also proud of areas of high natural value. On the area of the municipality four bigger complexes of forests can be found. In its north-east part, nearby Wola Błędowska and next to a borderline with Głowno Municipality there is the biggest complex of forests including two picturesque ponds called Kowaliki and Szczypiorniak. Inaccessibility of the ponds makes them a home for many species of amphibians and water and marsh birds. The ponds stand for protected area Natura 2000. In the south part of the municipality there is the second complex of forests located, situated in a bifurcation of Moszczenica River and its tributary of Młynówka River, with a reserve of Struga Dobieszkowska where various springs can be found.
Moreover, in the area of the municipality there are five village parks, full of natural valuable specimens of trees and bushes. Among 79 monuments of nature, the most of them can be found on the area of those parks. Landscape Park of Łódź Hills, which borders with the municipality, stands for a tourist and nature attraction and is worth visiting by feet or bike.


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